New litter born to Daisy and Cane on October 4th. Five males and two females. Call us now.

Welcome to Big Shooter's Boxers and thank you for visiting. I am a small breeder from southeastern Minnesota. I bought my first Boxer back in 2002 for my first-born child, Hailey Marie. At the time I didn't know what breed to get, so I did a lot of research on dogs and found that the Boxer is one of the best children-friendly and obedient dogs out there. So the hunt was on to find this perfect dog. I was put into contact with a couple who just had a litter. I went to pick my puppy out at four weeks of the pups age. The first one I chose ended up passing away. I was really determined to get one of them pups, so I chose another. I named him Copper. To this day I am so glad on how everything panned out. I couldn't ask for more. Up until about a year ago I was unaware that he was abnormally large for an American Boxer. So again back to the researching, and I found out he was half German. There was my answer. So now what? Well after a lot of thought, I decided to get a female and try to breed them and explore what kinds of genetics I could create and experience the area of breeding. And it began there. I had my first litter of pups from my dear Abby and Copper. I was so excited to see what exactly the two had created. I was there and up all night delivering all eight of her pups. What a sight and memory that is. Since then I have decided to get in touch with a few people around the country and acquire some of the best Champion bloodlines and Euro bloodlines and begin to expand this wonderful breed of dogs to share with others. I purchased Bruno, who is 100% Euro from a great breeder and friend from Euro-Dream Boxers. So please feel free to contact me at anytime and ask questions or to inquire about pups or upcoming litters. If I don't have exactly what you're looking for, I would be glad to direct you to other outstanding breeders and puppies. I do however have puppies available now.